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Android programming for beginners. "Hangman" the word game developing for android. Program drawing.

 It's second part of "handman" game making for android. In this article i will teach you about program drawing. (First part)

 In first, we need to render all letters in table way in alphabet order. Fields in LetterField class:
double letter_size=20;
int letter_color=Color.BLACK;
int rows=7;
int columns=6;
double off_const=0.4;//It's offset of letter's table relative top (the all height is 1)

//Special coeficients for aligning of letter for style improving.
double opt_a=0.20;
double opt_b=0.65;

  In onDraw() method we must determine Paint object. It includes different propetries about style of drawing like colors, sizes, fonts:
Paint paint=new Paint();
paint.setTextSize((float) letter_size);
//We have set letter's style.

double red_height=(1-off_const)*height;//Its variable is part of height for letters

  Methods of Canvas class for program drawing is:

 -drawLine(Xa, Ya, Xb, Yb, paint) - program drawing line from A to B via paint

 -drawText(X, Y, paint) - draw text in (X;Y) via paint

for (int j=0;j<columns;j++){//Loop for every line
            float YLine=(float) ((double)(j)/(double)(columns)*red_height+off_const*height);//Find Y of horizontal grid line
            canvas.drawLine((float)(0),  (float)(YLine),  (float)(width),  (float)(YLine),  paint);//Drig line drawing
            //We will draw letters
            for (int i=0;i<rows;i++){//Loop for every line
                if(j*rows+i+1<=alphabet.length()){//Determine  number of letter in alphabet and check allowing of this (we don't can to stuff come cells)
                   float X=(float) ((double)(i)/(double)(rows)*width+opt_a/(double)(columns)*height); //Find X of letter (with horizontal shift for style)
                   float Y=(float) ((double)(j)/(double)(columns)*red_height+opt_b/(double)(columns)*red_height+off_const*height);//Analogically like above
                   canvas.drawText(alphabet.charAt(j*rows+i)+"", X, Y, paint);//Draw letter
//Verticlal lines drawing like horizaontal
for (int i=0;i<=rows;i++){      
            float XLine=(float) ((double)(i)/(double)(rows)*width);
            canvas.drawLine((float)(XLine),  (float)(height*off_const),  (float)(XLine),  (float)(height),  paint);  
Enjoy about drawed letters in launching.

Next part

Download source of the game

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