среда, 25 июля 2012 г.

Russian language vocabulary with associations

  This is lesson about Russian language for beginners.
  First rule of language learning: you must learn with PLEASURE. Watch movies, talk with people, do your regular activity in target language. But there is a problem...   WORDBASE. If you have poor vocabulary, you can't learn with pleasure. And first step in language learning is getting wordbase. Yeah, it's boring.   And there are a lot of way to learn base vocabulary. But best of one's is learn with assotiations. You have association logic chain between target word and some words from your native language. You get chain and you can't forget word.   Also, you must studu about using word in sentence and remember one's pronunctiation.   There are some examples of association chains about Russian words in English. All words are from frequency Internet usage wordlist.     Second part

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